The Wade Elliott Band

Glenn Schlehofer - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass

Born in Willimantic, Ct. on October 28, 1956

He taught himself how to play guitar as a boy and by high school developed a good fingerpicking style.

Glenn's fingerpicking is reminiscent of some legendary folk artist like Neil Young, Bob Dylan & Tom Rush.

Playing mostly as a hobby with friends, his brother Mark and other musicians they started a Band called " The Wade Elliott Band " and began writing songs.

In 2005 the band put out their first record " Ride this Town " , a blend of  " Americana & Acoustic drive rock ".

At present day, everyone in the band has a regular " full time" job, they play as much as possible on a "part time" basis mostly in the Studio, but do manage to play out a few times a year. 

The Wade Elliott Band just released their second record " New Tricks" in Jan,2014.



Mark Schlehofer - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass

Mark was born in New London, Ct and raised in the northeastern town of Pomfret, Ct.

He has spent the greater part of his life in and around the area, and shares a home with his wife Maryke.

They live in close proximity to Studio Sixty, which was created by Mark and his brother Glenn specifically for recording their music.

Mark was influenced early by artists such as Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young & Van Morrison.

Mark bought his first guitar  (a Gibson J45) in 1975, and using the extra time between working in the computer field and the electrical industry, he taught himself to play guitar and bass.

Mark's initial inclination was to just enjoy playing music for himself and his family and friends as a hobby. That all changed when Mark and his brother Glenn decided to jam together once a week. This collaboration quickly crossed into the realm of composing and writing completely original music and resulted in the formation of "The Wade Elliott Band".


Richard Gaudette - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards

Richard was born in Norwich, Ct in 1961.

Raised by a musical family in northeastern Ct. He started playing the guitar and singing at the early age of eight years old.

By the time Richard was 15, he was playing guitar and bass in his fathers band "The Country Kings" in local clubs. His love and propensity for music led Richard to his passion for playing the piano. When he turned 17, Richard ventured to Southern California and further explored the intricacies of the music business while managing "Lier's Music Company" in San Bernardino, Ca.

Richard's talent as a songwriter translates into heartfelt ballads that reflect his exuberance and love for music. He has performed in a variety of venues in and around Los Angeles, Ca. including clubs such as The Branding Iron, The Palomino Club, The Cowboy Club and Bogart's Club.

Upon his return to Connecticut in 1995, Richard wasted little time getting back into the music industry. By the end of the year he was working at "Gordon Lasalle Music" in Southbridge, Ma. as the Internet Sales Manager. There is where Richard met Glenn & Mark Schlehofer of "The Wade Elliott Band" and subsequently led to his role as Producer and Recording Engineer at Studio Sixty and the lead guitar player and keyboardist.

Richard currently resides in the town of Plainfield, Ct. with his wife Debbie and their son Zachary.

Ray Navarro - Vocals, Drums, Percussion

On the drums and occasional vocals is Ray Navarro; a known musician who has played on and off with several bands in the area for over 30-years. Encouraged by his parents' love for music (his mother played the piano and his father played saxophone), Ray was exposed to the sounds of Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and others at a very early age. In particular, the drumming of greats like Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich convinced Ray that was the instrument for him. Nobody ever seemed to have a bigger smile on their face than the drummer!!!

Ray received his first drum kit as a Christmas present at the age of ten. In his teenage years, the popular drummers of that era became, and remain to this day Ray's biggest influences.

Musicians like Levon Helm of The Band, Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones and Richie Haywood of Little Feet are among those Ray cites as mentors that lead to the development of his own distinctive style.

In the summer of 2002, Ray was contacted by lifelong friend and founding member of "The Wade Elliott Band" Glenn Schlehofer to get together on an original music project and of course the rest is history !

Ray is a dedicated family man who lives in Pomfret, Ct. with his wife Donna, they have two sons, Nick and Patrick. Ray is very pleased that his family legacy for the love of music and all its diverse styles has been passed along to his sons.